HD 192425

RA (J2000)
DEC (J2000)
Spec Type
R band (mag)
Distance (pc)
Disk Major Axis "
Disk Diameter (AU)
Inclination (degrees)
Major axis PA
Resolution elements across
At ref. wavelength (microns)
# References
20 14 16.62+15 11 51.4DebrisA1Va5.0447.19.64526398Morales et al 20161.61003


Herschel-resolved Outer Belts of Two-belt Debris Disks—Evidence of Icy Grains

*Morales, F. Y. et al. 2016, ApJ, 831, 29

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Herschel 100 and 160 micron

The Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph Debris Disk Catalog. II. Silicate Feature Analysis of Unresolved Targets

Mittal, T. et al. 2015, ApJ, 798, 26

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Spitzer Mid-IR Spectra of Dust Debris Around A and Late B Type Stars: Asteroid Belt Analogs and Power-Law Dust Distributions

Morales, F. et al. 2009 Ap.J. 699 1067

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