CE Ant

RA (J2000)
DEC (J2000)
Spec Type
R band (mag)
Distance (pc)
Disk Major Axis "
Inclination (degrees)
Major axis PA
Resolution elements across
At ref. wavelength (microns)
# References
10 42 30.11-33 40 16.2DebrisM2 Ve1134.52.032853Choquet, E. et al. 201614.81.66


A Layered Debris Disk around M Star TWA 7 in Scattered Light

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Analysis of archival VLT/SPHERE and HST images

Debris Disk Results from the Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey’s Polarimetric Imaging Campaign

Esposito, T., Kalas, P., Fitzgerald, M.P. et al. 2020 A.J. 160 24

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referred to as CE Ant

Sub-millimetre non-contaminated detection of the disc around TWA 7 by ALMA

Bayo, A.; Olofsson, J.; Matrà, L. et al. 2019 MNRAS 486 5552

ALMA 870 um continuum map

On the Ubiquity and Stellar Luminosity Dependence of Exocometary CO Gas: Detection around M Dwarf TWA 7

Matrà, L.; Öberg, K. I.; Wilner, D. J.; Olofsson, J.; Bayo, A. 2019 A.J. 157 117

ALMA detection of CO 3-2 emission

Resolving faint structures in the debris disk around TWA 7. Tentative detections of an outer belt, a spiral arm, and a dusty cloud

Olofsson, J.; van Holstein, R. G.; Boccaletti, A. et al. 2018 A.&A. 617 109

SPHERE H band imaging polarimetry

First Images of Debris Disks around TWA 7, TWA 25, HD 35650, and HD 377

Choquet, É. et al. 2016

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HST imaging